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Helping Canadian Social Workers & Counsellors Find Private Practice Success

How do I help Social Workers and Counsellors find private practice success?

Three Ways:

The Private Practice Roadmap Online Course

Looking for an affordable online, on-demand self-paced course with all the info about making the leap into private practice?

Look no further!

The Private Practice Roadmap Online Course breaks down the process into bite-sized doable chunks through videos, workbooks, resources and guides.

Learn what you need to know to become a confident, successful social worker/counsellor in private practice in Canada today.

Priced at Only $198

The Group Coaching Program

The signature, annual group coaching program, also known as the original Private Practice Road Map.

This is the program for you if you are looking for real time teaching/coaching sessions, group support, and a Facebook group to network and mingle, as well as video replays, guides, workbooks, and resources.

Get all the details and join us next time, here:

One-to-One Mentoring

I have a limited number of spaces available for 1:1 support at my hourly rate.

This is best suited for practice owners who don’t need the full support of the Private Practice Road Map or the Mastermind, but have a few questions about their own unique situation and practice. It’s also a great option if you feel that some coaching would help improve your confidence, mindset and motivation. You can book your session here:

Who am I and why do I do this?

I’m Jill, the creator of the Private Practice Roadmap, a business born out of my own experiences and needs when I first ventured into this private practice journey. Initially, I started my own practice alongside my full-time job at a large healthcare system.

I grew tired of the restrictions on how, when, and where I could help people. Witnessing fellow humans being let down by the system left me disheartened. The burden of bureaucracy and politics weighed me down, and I found myself burning out rapidly. Maybe this sounds familiar to you?

Seeking a sense of balance, self-expression, and some extra income, I saw a side hustle as the perfect opportunity to test the waters. Not having the pressure to immediately secure a full case load and generate a full-time income gave me the freedom to experiment and shape my ideal practice.

However, let me be honest; the path was not exactly smooth. I made mistakes, encountered doubts and setbacks, and most of the time I felt like I was working in isolation, with little support and encouragement. It took trial and error to unlock the secrets of starting and maintaining a sustainable private practice because suddenly, I was not just an employed social worker. I was a business owner.

And being a business owner requires an entirely different skill set.

Jill Culver | Private Practice Roadmap

That’s why I created these programs – to provide you with the support, knowledge, guidance, and companionship you need to navigate this journey. Together, we reach your destination, armed with the tools and resources to build and sustain a successful private practice.

"Having Completed the Course, I Have Clarity and Confidence"

“I took the Group Coaching program with Jill when I was on the verge of starting my own private practice as a social worker. Jill had the steps laid out in a logical order, spread out over 6 weeks. Her approach made the long to-do list involved in setting up a private practice seem doable. In fact, I did my homework each week, and by the end of the course I had a website and was ready to take clients.

Prior to the course, I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed, alone, and unsure of myself. Having completed the course, I have clarity and confidence around my practice parameters, ideal clients, approach and values, and worth. I have a sense of how to go about getting clients, and a substantial knowledge of the business/financial side of private practice that would have taken me a long time to figure out on my own.

Jill’s pointers around developing a website gave me the tools to refine the way I articulate my practice vision and framework, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed creating a site that reflected me as a therapist and a person.

Another benefit of the program that can not be understated was that I met other social workers and therapists going through the same process. We each brought a rich background of work experience and education, and I was surprised to learn that most of us had similar questions, doubts, feelings of overwhelm and occasional insecurities. The group process helped me realize how much value each of us – including me – has to offer. I left with a community of like-minded therapists and a growing professional network.

~ Shalom Wiebe, RSW

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Private Practice Checklist

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